Why are Most Kenyan Men Slicing off Their Junk? 

Nowadays two weeks cannot go by without the news of men who chopped off their manhoods gracing our screens. They do it for various reasons but most cite hard life (i guess life is pretty rosy living without fear of being kicked in the nuts or sitting on your jewels, yeah? I heard that those  are the two most painful events in a man’s world…I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m not hiding a pair down there. I’m a woman through and through ). I can imagine the man standing there with his knife having thoughts like “oh life is so haaardd… removing these dangly parts will make it soo much easier for me.” 

When you think of it, I think this happens coz it’s way too easy for a man to get rid of his unwanted junk. The operation can be done almost anywhere as long as one is armed with a sharp knife. The process is too simple. Unzip pants, yank it out and by the time one realises what a terrible idea that was, the bloody mess is already lying limp in his hand. 

On the other hand, you don’t hear about ladies taking that route. Could be coz we are the smartest of gender ooor it’s the process that’s a bit too complicated for us. First and foremost,it can’t be done just anywhere. You need to be in a very private and comfortable environment as you have to be completely commando when you do it. Then another crucial step is finding the right position, preferably one leg has to be secured in malindi while the other points to mombasa. Then maybe take a marker pen and outline the areas that need to be artistically carved out .

 By that time you’ll already have talked yourself out of that stupid idea and realised no man or problem is worth losing your beautiful hoo-ha for OR you’ll have decided to cut off your deadbeat husband’s parts instead. Either way it’s a win(win?) situation for the lady. 

Have a crazy-free week friends! 


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