​It has often be said that whatever you do in private will one day come to light, my neighbor being a living testimony of that in an unfortunate incident that happened last week. I have seen neighbours come and go  but this guy is something else. The love he has for his wife is quite admirable… or so people thought. He is especially known for driving his wife almost everywhere but more so for those keshas at church.

 He drives his lady to church early enough and insists that the wife calls immediately after the service so that he can go pick her up. No speck of dust should touch his lady’s feet, he proudly proclaims, mocking our dusty feet when we return home from work.

 The lady on the other hand sings the guy’s praises more than she does Jesus at church. She is the first to provide testimony every Sunday during service … she shares with the world how much her husband loves her. How much he protects her so much that he always wants to know her whereabouts… and although he is not a church goer himself, how much he loves driving her to keshas and how he’ll forfeit his sleep to come get her whenever she needs to return home. 

So it came as a great Surprise to people when this neighbour was caught in his matrimonial bed, nude with another woman last week. The wife fell ill during a church service, got a lift home  and walked right into the active scene. She wailed, cursed and prayed till her voice was hoarse.

 The guy lay blame on the devil and even at one point joined her in prayer to cast out the demon. I couldn’t help but chuckle at that point. The wife wondered where she went wrong and above all wondered what her Facebook friends were going to think of them. She vowed never to get inside his filthy “chariot” of sin ever again. She’d rather walk, she said, like that tall lady in house 1(me). Six months sharing a fence and she still doesn’t know my name!

Another neighbour, a good friend of mine,  texts me. “should we tell her?”, she asks referring to the guy’s well known pathological promiscuity. How he always leaves with the wife and returns with a clande then later leaves with the clande and returns with the wife. We call it the exchange program. But does the wife need to know that we know? Noo.. Just like Jon Snow in GOT, I’ll pretend to know nothing till the end of times


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