How My Little Knowledge of Vitendawili Almost Led to My Downfall 

Yesterday I joined a couple of kids playing at the empty lot behind my house. I love hanging around kids, especially since they look up to me to impact them with my “wisdom”. I normally teach them my childhood games to save them from being computer zombies and couch potatoes. (or coz they whoop my behind on computer and phone games) 
As i watch them play, one kid shouts, out of the blue “kitendawili!” (i have a riddle!) 

“tega! “, the other kids shout in unison. 

I rub my hands in excitement, grinning like I just won the jackpot.  This is my chance to shine, THIS is my forte. No one can beat me at this. 

” baba na mama wanakimbizana lakini hawashikani”, the kid poses his riddle. 

My jaw drops to my feet. I’m both embarrassed and shocked. I’m not sure what to make of this as my mind lists a million and one things that are all rated 18+++. My world is closing in on me, I can’t breath nor blink. All the kids eyes are on me, their pillar of knowledge, to provide an answer. I scratch my head nervously, to reboot the brain’s rusty  memory..nothing comes up. 

Lord, you know how merciless kids can be when you make one mistake in front of them. They will laugh and sing, form a circle around you then laugh some more till you die of shame. If I get out of this alive, I’ll stick with people my own age, I plead with the Lord… Silence… I tactfully slap my phone to my ear and begin talking to a non existent person, distancing myself from the kids. My ear hovers behind to listen in on the answer. 

“jibu ni tyre za gari! “, the riddler eventually reveals. 

What! And to think I had almost robbed the kids’ ears of all their innocence!


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