Adventures from the Plot… The Gay and the Sleepless 

Sometime back an incident happened in the neighboring plot, something so irky and disturbing that no one has ever had the spine to talk about it since. Some family travelled upcountry to show off their beautiful newborn baby to their kin. The guy, who was a really respectable person in our society, traveled back earlier due to work demands. He expected the wife to be back in a week or so.
 Unfortunately, the lady had a falling out with the her in laws and proceeded to take the next bus home. She arrived quite late, almost at midnight. Husband’s phone was off so she took a motor-taxi home with baby, luggage and all. On getting home, she noticed the light was on and I don’t  know whether it was her gut feeling or what but she suspected that the husband wasn’t alone inside. So she crept to the bedroom window and heard sounds that can only be compared to people having simultaneous heart attacks. Instead of confronting the event in private, she woke couple of neighbors up to back her up just in case the hunter became the hunted. The couple of neighbours invited other couple of neighbors and pretty soon everyone was  outside to witness the first of its kind event. You’ll have to note that back then, such things never happened in this area. 

Once the lady was satisfied with the number of spectators who had loyally showed up, she violently knocked on the door. Silence. Some people volunteered to break the door and she obliged.   5 minutes, the crowd was in. Never underestimate the power of a drama hungry crowd. 

Lo and behold, there were two half nude men inside and not a woman as we all expected. It happens that secretly, the guy was gay. We scratched our eyes till they bled, in attempts to unsee what we just saw. People slowly filed home in deadly silence and the event was never spoken of again. That was also cemented by the fact that the family was gone the next night. 

…. And that’s why, ladies and gentlemen, you should keep your marital problems contained in your home. 


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