Adventures From the Plot…. The Unauthorized Shaving Incident 1

It’s very early in the morning and I’m still trying to catch the last moments of my sleep before my alarm goes off when I hear very high pitched screams from the neighbouring house. I strain my ear to listen what the scream is all about as nothing beats a large serving of village drama very early in the morning. 

“Whoever you are, come back and shave the other side too.. Shameless witch! “, a woman cried out. Now that’s the kind of drama you cannot afford to miss so I quickly run outside. From the little bits of outbursts between the dramatic screams, I learn that the woman believes (evidence was there) that someone came and shaved a better part of her “unmentionables” during the night. Can you believe that? This poor woman woke up and realised the bush on the left side of her “unmentionables” had been mowed. Clean shaven(weird as it is, I had to see to believe ) Clearly, she went to sleep with her bush intact coz otherwise she wouldn’t be this agitated . While some were lost for words, others blamed some poor old lady who allegedly doubles up as a witch during the night and majority of us laughed and high fived. 

I know I’m a terrible person, laughing at a grim situation but come on, the whole situation was kinda hilarious. I mean, what kind of person shaves someone in the middle of the night? If indeed this was a witch, what was his or her intention? Did the “electricity” go off as she was in the middle of her job that’s why she left without finishing the other side? Or her clippers broke down? Maybe shaving on one side was the new style in town and she was simply initiating the woman into the trend? Could be the victim simply sleep-shaved (is that a thing?) 

I need answers but in the meantime, where can I get myself a pair of stainless steel panties ?


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