My Matatu Adventures…. The Motion Sickness Incident 

Be nice to people in matatus, motion sickness is real. This girl sits next to me in a mat and even asks me to shift my weight coz apparently, a part of me was on her seat. Ten minutes into the journey, she’s huffing and puffing and briefly informs me that she is nauseated. I offer her the window seat to get a breath of fresh air but it’s only a temporary solution as her eyes proceed to widen like a squished lizard . 
I know what’s about to come next. I quickly weigh my options. I don’t intend on getting a puke-shower on this particular day . I quickly surrender the tiny safaricom plastic bag i was carrying a new phone in. I then have to carry the phone in my hands like an idiot who has never owned a phone before and wants the whole world to know they just bought one. 
Note to self : always carry a plastic bag when traveling.


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