My Matatu Adventures….The Spying Game 

My favorite passtime when I’m in a matatu is reading whatever content the person in front of me displays on their phone’s screen. I have seen it all, from birthday wishes to confrontations …. from breakups to flirtatious chats. Today was particularly special for me. The gentleman in front of me had set his phone at at angle that I could read without straining. And thanks to the gods of vitamin A, my eye sight’s perfection is something close to an X ray. 
The exchange was quite easy to follow….he had travelled all the way from Nairobi to meet his Internet clande. The chats were too sweet…and I got so engrossed. As the mat came close to Kilifi, the guy sent a text to the lady that he sees a bridge ahead. The lady quickly replied, informing the guy to alight at Tuskys supermarket. The guy typed that he didn’t know where Tuskys is but before he could hit send, I felt my lips move accompanied by some strong vocals “Tuskys ni hapo mbele” 

I froze as the guy turned, obviously shocked. I was just too embarrassed. Why don’t car seats come with an eject button?


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